I’m not the Girl I used to be

This entry is actually a ramblings on how I spent the day. The tittle of the entry has given a glimpse on what has happened to me today. I woke up very early in the morning and did not go back to sleep. Whoa. It is such an excellent achievement has I had since the semester break started. I went to jog instead of sleeping. My sister is a big fan of the park since she is in dire need to lose weight. I, on the other hand, was not looking forward to sacrifice my after-Subuh sleep since I slept at 3 am the night before. But looking at the benefits, I asked my sister to force me and if needed, to even spank me if I did not wake up. She did not spank me as one knock at the door and I was fully awake (and a bit mereng)

After we sent our ‘little’ and comel sister to school, we headed to the park and it amused me how many people were there. I was still yawning when I started to walk around the park. We then ended up joining a bunch of makciks and pakciks doing aerobic and the aftereffect is a bit tragic. I literally did not have any energy to live my day as I kept on falling asleep especially when the TV was on.

We went back to home to take shower and get ready to go to the bank to settle my sister business but looking at the time, 10.30 a.m was not the best time to go to the bank as we were faced with the possibility of waiting too long and difficulty to get a parking. We instead went to TESCO to do groceries shopping. Going to TESCO is not as fun as it used to be since my sister will check every single calories and carbohydrate in the food we wanted to buy. Pffft. But then my sister’s mission to diet was going down the drain as we ended up having lunch at Secret Recipe and she ate rice. Haha. I managed to persuade her to actually take carbs. Sorry sweetie pie. Life’s too short to not eat rice. Haha.

All in all, it was a tiring day and my body is still aching since I have not exercized for a long period of time. I used to do aerobics everyday, back then in PLKN. Hhaha. I also joined Badminton club for two semesters so I guess I am not a lazy bum to exercise. I love going to classes wearing high heels (That’s a tough job man) AND  I love to walk around shopping malls and I love to swim, so I hope I can lose more weight without me realizing it. Imagine going to class and kain tercabut sebab kurus sangat. Whoa. Best tu!

Another reason to wear sweat pants and jog at the park  READ THIS girls. 😉


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